Thanks for taking a look at my gallery. I have been painting minis for nearly 25 years now, and am proud to show you what I have done.

I do take commissions, and also sell minis through my eBay store. If you are interested in having some work done, just ask.

And if you have any opinions, criticizems, or advice, by all means, send 'em my way. Thanks.

-James Degenhardt (aka Amalor Myrnnyx)

Recent Updates

February 16, 2013:

Feb BattleTech releases, and a huge tank update.

January 29, 2013:

A new year begins. In addition to my regular BattleTech work, my goal for this year is to do at least one non-BattleTech piece each week.

December 29, 2013:

The year ends at 701 minis completed. Down quite a bit from last year, but reality was not kind this year.
If anyone would like to see the whole list, here is a 50Mb PDF

December 08, 2013:

I had the honor of painting a complete set of the old BattleDroids minis.
All pics are now up.

October 13, 2013:

My bones Lysette tied for third in Reaper's Bones Beauty Contest.
The pumpkin dragon, however, didn't place. There's always next time.

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